Simple scarf for men

WP_20151110_003Cold weather was arriving quickly. This gave me an excuse to knit a nice scarf for a dear friend. Now I didn’t have too much time since I had to mail it overseas and expecting it to arrive before the Christmas holidays so I  knitted an easy and fun pattern using the fisherman rib stitch. It will be a really warm scarf.

I wanted to be 10″ wide so it could be folded lengthwise and be very warm during those  days when is snowing. If you want it less wide just cast on less stitches in an even number. It’s 60 ” long.


660 yards of worsted weight yarn, I used Knit Picks wool of the Andes  Worsted Weight yarn.

Needles # 8

Fisherman rib stitch: purl 1 , knit 1 in the stitch below .


Cast on 46 stitches.

First row: purl to end

Second row: *P1, knit  the stitch below* ( let go of both stitches)  , repeat from *to  last 2 stitches, P2.

Repeat row # 2 until your desire length.

Bind off loosely in p1, k1 pattern. You don’t have to knit into the stitch below for the bind off.

Wear it proudly!!


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