Sheep and llama cowl

Sheep and llama cowlWP_20161114_20_12_03_Pro

After knitting my blue sweater I was ready for more advance knitting; so after checking few patterns I settle for a cowl. I saw this cowl  online and I simply fell in love with it .  I like sheep and llamas and I think they are the cutes animals and I would like to have one as a pet but since it’s not possible these ones will do. Now it was going to be  a challenge because I have never, ever knitted with two or more color. I mean knitting making figures like the sheep and llama but I knew I was ready. I found the pattern for free online, which are my favorite kind 🙂 .  It is called “I’ll Pack A Cowl for Rhinebeck” by Deb Jacullo and you can find it on Ravelry for free. I checked YouTube and learn how to change colors and carry the yarn behind. It came out perfect!  I just make the ribbing shorter since I am petite and don’t need all that big cowl.

I knitted first the blue and white below and I like it so much that I made the grey and light blue above. I like them both!

The yarn is from Loops and Threads, Snuggly Wuggly, #3 light and  #7 circular needles , 16″ long”.  Both yarns are acrylic from Michael’s.

WP_20161103_13_59_53_Pro 1

WP_20161104_17_00_00_Pro 1

I hope you like them and get inspire too make yourself one. They are not hard at all to knit.


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